Giới thiệu



Le Huy Company would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all opportunities that you have given to us to be your fellow-passengers over the past years. We also wish you a new year with prosperity, abundant good health, and contentment. 

We are approaching the end of this year and the atmosphere of Christmas is flooding every corner of the streets. We are also getting ready for the New Year and Lunar New Year.

Another year is going away. With tremendous efforts of our all colleagues here in Le Huy over the past year to provide the most quality products and the best services to our customers.

                                              mail 2018

After more than 3 years of implementing high-quality KWS woodworking materials in Vietnam, Le Huy Company has been trusted by our valued customers so that the motivation help us to bring more quality products to the customer.

Through VietnamWood International Fair Expo at District 7, we were very happy to meet and get acquainted with many customers from many different regions at the booth of Le Huy Company. Indeed, it is a tremendous encouragement that the staff of Le Huy Company can hardly forget during the exhibition until now, we do really appreciate it.

                                              Mail 2018

A year is not too long, but it is enough for us to listen to all the comments and contributions of customers on our products and services. The strengths and weaknesses of the past year that we have, for those comments we will gradually improve ourselves to serve customers better in the future.

We would like to send our deepest and sincere thanks to all the customers who are going to use the products and services of Le Huy Company. In the New Year, let’s hope for a sustainable, and long-term cooperation, and mutual benefit.

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We sincerely wish our customers a successful business year and abundant good health!